Free and How to Play Capsa Poker  True, this time we will be a bit trying to inform you on how to play the game or games capsa stacking more precise, the game consists of three levels are quite different, the arrangement of cards that the bottom is composed of five card sheet and also on the level-2 also has an existing card 5 sheets and levels above consist have 3 different cards. How can you know the winner of the value itself is a victory in each level are already different in determining victory in each level will be calculated quite differently, of course.
The sequence of numbers that can compete is where the figure will be in account the way that is quite tepar order of the numbers the smallest to the largest numerical sequence numbers 2,3,4,5,6,7 and that number will further you can see or you can own value so you can sort up with the greatest letter is “A”. And the position is the smallest card (Wajik / Diamon, Curly / Banyan Trees, Heart / Love and the largest is Waru or leaves). Where you will be able to judge for themselves from the cards of course not.


Cards already distributed also has some fairly diverse susuna can you know of course, with several levels of the most powerful and victory enough different that you can see for yourself. Here are some kinds of cards you have in playing the game capsa milk here was some klue that we will teach you as a member

In the game Capsa Susun to the following numbers: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, K, A is already mentioned as the Dragon or the larger number in the game or game Capsa Susun which will in gandromi by sebagiaan the course.
Example: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J.Q, K, A berutuan have a card from the smallest to the largest number that you can gandromi in reading this Dragon card.
– Royal Flush
Layout or arrangement of cards that is the Royal Flush is segumpulan cards that have been made in better in a more or less consists of five cards with color and the same interest in starting from number 10 to the US but it should be ordered by a new one can say with positive got a Royal Flush.

– Straigh Flush
The composition of the various cards from the smallest to susuna card is the largest as many as 5 cards with various colors and also the relationship of different and equally where it is currently under the shades cards like “USA” like some pictures or samples existing card below are listed as follows.

– Four OF Kind
A few cards in each containing or containing an array of 4 cards in the same number in warnaya variations and also a picture with one card what you can get officially of course. For example, if the opponents compete or compete with our own 4-card hand that is “King” and one more card is 2, while our own has 4 card that is in a position as an example we can give is the “Queen” and 1 is also the Queen “in position as it is here that will win is the opposite of our own. Which was decisive win or lose all the results are only in view of how much or some of the cards that we can musemukan one more card can only be as a determinant of whether or not a victory.

– Full House or call (POLO)
This card is made up of some combination with some of the cards that there are three cards of the same with the numbers to be arranged and also two cards is the same number, where you are today in some of cards to see the victory of the cards are more in dominankan with cards is determined by three matching cards, and also the other two only as a supplement only in the selection of the Polo card.

Ie flush sekelompak card is a card that has some combinations and some cards that is the same as in developed and decisive victory or large numbers can be controlled with a victory that can be better seen. Suppose that in one could didirkan can we have is with the card “A” and also opponents that we will face as in the US or berbungakan SHOVEL to that you can know itself is betting site that will be your kelobarisasikan with some cards that most and will determine in the image below.

Or the same card arrangement is that quite often can be obtained by the gambler capsa stacking is by arrangement of five cards that will be lined up number that is but in different images that will be selected, not the only, and victory will be in the show is quite another or as others read the highest figure Capsa Poker , if the two players who have large numbers then in a victory that will be displayed in the picture as below.

– Thee Of A Kind
Is the game of the arrangement in a card that will combine with 3 cards that will be equal to those numbers with 2 same cards each in tentui with the three cards are also the same as the 2 other hotels include bettingan which will be you see the results as a supplement later in this bawha.

Double Pair is the arrangement of the various combinations of cards with two pairs of cards and a pair that there is at least and not least with one bettingan you can see in the order that you can win with the card, nor determined by three cards that you can langusngkan as a supplement that can be found in equal numbers.

Well card pair is a couple of cards that is very often were made by all bettingan online gambling because young enough to get a card that is quite different from the others that you can susunkan well and young enough to get some bettingan cards if you get conjoined twins in the third cards are also different from the composition lain.Dalam win these cards are not much different from the others that is seen from the various numbers or pair that you can see and fairly easily in the ranks of this pair cards.

How to Calculate Cards Correctly:
1. Counting cards that have been given to all players
2.Menghitung and do all the players in the start of the sequence of the latest cards are also the smallest or smallest order then you can proceed with some susuna cards of which has two positions and also the middle and the final adan can get a count of some arrangement the top card is what you get.
3. All wins can you give is equal to 1 point, if there is a matter which misses you can get ready to feel the count was wrong in choosing the card.
4. In the calculation of the goods / card
-Trees Above can be 3 points
-Full House if arranged with neat and under will be able to get 5 points or important role.
-Four Of Kind if given the best tes will be able to get 10 points.
-Straigh Flush if in governance at the bottom you can get 7 points
-Straigh Flush if spur at the center position can only get 14 points
-Royal Flush if in governance in the down position you can get 11 points.
-Royal Flush if stacking on being brought middle then you can get 22 points.
-Dragon Is a victory that would earn points by 52.
5. A break is where the current position of the first players who will win in all the arrangement will be improved as in the first level to the third level, you will be able to get x2 + bonus from your winnings.
6.Tembus circumference (super) is between 1 games won in a head to head race of all players, both from the arrangement carrying, middle atapun top. Then the point will be at x4 + bonus items that can have every player.
7.PAQ which means the game one by placing a card layout arrangement. So if exposed pao player who could be considered lost translucency of the circumference and within a card can only be (3x $) + bonus items that will have every other player, too.
8.Dalam cost of the room you can get 3% of all the total that you can successfully win.
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How Incredibly Easy To Become A Professional Poker Player


I think the most important aspect of dealing with children like this is to have honest conversations with their coaching. One that illustrates the complexity involved in making a living gambling. You do not want to come off, “It’s impossible,” because it certainly was. There are thousands of professional poker player Dan Bandarq in the world, but I can not think of a few successful pro today that do not treat it like a serious job and work hard both playing and learning the game.

So I mean this in a coaching conversation is to really describe what it takes to make a living doing this. For had they fully understand what that really looks like, but do it in such a manner in which they themselves are aware of it, than I declared to them that they should not even bother trying.

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I began to explain to them that a professional poker player is a small business owner, in the business of entertaining their customers (players who are not skilled as they are). Most every successful business has a mission statement. Since this is a small one person businesses call it a vision statement.

The vision statement should be one to two sentences on what you want to see for the company. You are a company of course, so I would encourage you to write a vision statement now. It could look like this:

My vision in poker is to use it as a vehicle to create abundance in my life. Passionate dedicate ourselves to learn, improve, and develop my skills, while also financially responsible.

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That’s just one example, you need to write one that speaks to you personally because you will come back to this statement frequently. It is a statement that will guide you through your career. The next step is to get a little more specific and measure what is abundant as for you. A concrete annual income you hope to achieve. For this example, let’s use $ 100,000 as a destination.

So now we have a vision statement and objectives, the next is HOW. The real plan. Drawing from our vision statement, we need to ensure that our plans are financially responsible and that we continue to develop our skills away from the table. To hit the $ 100,000 mark, it also requires that you can measure how much money you can expect to make a clock in your game play.

For example, let’s say bankroll and your skill level you have to play $ 2- $ 5 no limit hold’em at Bellagio. It’s important to know how many games are worth to you. The best place to start would be to ask around and see what is the best player in the game can expect to make, and then cut about 30% of that amount. Yes, you might be the best player in the game, but until you’ve proven you can, let’s assume you are still in the learning phase and should not expect to jump out of the gate and be the best player at the table.

Based on what I’ve heard, the best player in the game who can make as much as $ 30 per hour. Minus 30% of that, if all goes well, you can target the $ 21 per hour. To make the math easier, let’s make a flat $ 20 per hour. Because our goal is to make $ 100,000 a year, now we can have a rough idea of how many hours we really need to spend at a table playing poker. That comes to 5,000 hours a year playing. If we break down further, which comes to 417 hours a month, which breaks down to more than 100 hours a week! This is before we even add all hours of study are required in line with our vision statement. To a maximum of 10 hours of play, you have to add at least two hours of study time. Add on another 1,000 hours a year of study, which comes down to 14 hours a week.

So now we have you play 105 hours a week, and learn about 14 hours a week for a total of close to 120 hours in a week. Do you know how many hours a week? 168. If you plan to sleep 8 hours a night, others 56 hours a week. With work / study on the 120 and sleep at 56, which is a total of 176 hours a week.

Uh oh, Houston we have a problem! While your vision statement is quite clear as your goal, your plan simply is not feasible. It is not humanly possible unless you are planning to skip out on the bed completely and have absolutely no social life whatsoever! No matter how well you play, your plans are doomed to fail and will.

So the most obvious thing is to adjust your expectations on your annual income. Perhaps lowered from $ 100,000 down to $ 50,000 per year. To save time, let’s assume you can create a work plan in which you make $ 50,000 a year working very hard. Whether this will allow you to create abundance in your life? Probably not. It depends on your monthly nut, means how many expenses you incur a monthly fee. We will also assume you are a law-abiding citizens who pay their income tax, so right off the bat let’s whack of 30% from the $ 50,000 per year. That leaves you with $ 35,000 to spend over a period of 12 months, or about $ 2,900 per month.

You want a car, you will have to pay rent, and I assume you also may want to eat a meal at some point. Maybe even have a telephone and wifi in your apartment. So let’s say you find an apartment for $ 1,200 per month, spending $ 300 on your car and gas, and then $ 1,000 per month for food. That’s $ 2,500 total, leaving you $ 400 per month to cover everything else! Not to mention the fact that you need to maintain a bankroll big enough to deal with the inevitable swings. Heaven forbid you ever need to repair your car or getting a speeding ticket!

If you do not play with a bankroll large enough to play the games you want and live the lifestyle you want, and what your plans if you run out of money? How will you stay in action? Borrowing from friends is one option, but how would you ever build a bankroll large enough to pay them back? At best, you have an extra $ 400 per month. If you borrow $ 5,000 it will take two years everything was going perfect for you to pay them back. How many people do you know that will loan you $ 5,000 on the expectations are paid back in two years if all goes well? So you will get a bet you say? Ok, so now someone put up money for you to play in the $ 2- $ 5 games and you get to keep 50% of your winnings. Now you also have to trim your monthly income to $ 1,450 per month living expenses while you are at $ 2,500. You are still under water. Well what if I get staked play higher limits? OK, so you will find a supporter to put you in the $ 5- $ 10 game in which you have no experience, no player is harder, and your win rate is not guaranteed to be higher than $ 2- $ 5? Good luck with that.

It all painting a dark picture with the design. It is a fact that most of you are hoping to become the face of a professional poker player. One that can not be ignored. Is it possible that you have a work ethic, simple monthly nut, set of skills, emotional stability, the drive, the will, the bankroll, etc. Sure, but do not be fooled. There may be 2% -5% of people who can make this lifestyle work. Less than 5% of minor league ball players will never make the big leagues. Even less high school football player putting on weight in hopes NFL career will make it. There are many careers in which opportunities are highly stacked against you. There are heroes, special people who have “it” and find ways to make it, but most will fail. This is true in poker as well.

My goal is not to discourage you from pursuing your dreams, whatever they may be. My aim is to illustrate to you that it will require HARD WORK. It will not be easy as it looks on TV. Are you willing to put in all the hard work, all the while knowing that even if you do, they may not be enough?